Environmental Leadership in a Culturally Diverse Region


Date: from November 2, 11:00 am to November 3, 3:00pm
Location: Viamede Resort — two hours north of Toronto, Ontario
Registration: CAD$150


There is a growing awareness in the Great Lakes region about the need to create success on clean water quality, policy and community health by linking our strategies and approaches to engagement and action with the full range people of our communities. Across the Great Lakes region, there is a growing interest in deepening a conversation about water that includes communities of color, indigenous communities and white communities.

Water requires collaboration across difference of identity and interests. Our inability to work effectively across these differences gets in the way of our goals of clean and abundant water for all. To support leadership and new organizational strategies for water, ICL and Sustainability Network will offer a two-day workshop that will weave together leadership skills and facilitate learning together on diversity, equity and inclusion.

One of the highlights of the gathering will be an evening with Dr. Shirley Williams, Professor Emeritus and Elder and key participant in the Great Lakes Water Walk and Sacred Water Circle.

The workshop will seek to:

  • Create a community of leaders to support our awareness of each other’s stories of successes and challenges with community engagement and diversity, equity and inclusion,
  • Provide opportunities to share examples that illustrate and help build understanding about helpful frameworks and tools,
  • Strengthen individual’s leadership skills and practices to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion within strategy, and,
  • Help participating leaders create personal action steps, and inform ICL and Sustainability Network’s developing program.

The gathering will be hosted by the four members of the planning team:

This workshop will also allow us to begin a conversation and get feedback on plans for a long-term learning process with leaders and organizations in the region. By participating, you will also be able to inform us on Everybody’s Business: Engaging All Voices in the Great Lakes for Clean Water — a new collaborative program we are developing to achieve organizational transformation on strategy, community engagement and diversity, equity and inclusion. We want to work with a set of 8-10 organizations’ board and staff teams, and equip and empower them to create deep organizational change through Everybody’s Business.


zz Environmental Leadership in a Culturally Diverse Region

If there's someone you would prefer to be doubled up with, let us know (Email us at: victor@sustrainabilitynetwork.ca).

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