Evaluation Learning Lab: Linking Program Design and Evaluation

When: November 19, 2019
10:00 AM to 3:30 PM
Where: The Viola Desmond Room, CSI Spadina
192 Spadina Ave, Toronto
ON M5T 2C2
$170 per person or $150 per person for two or more from each organization.

For your best results, come with at least one other from your organization – a fellow staff member, a board member, a key stakeholder.
The session is limited to 12 registrants.
Lunch on your own

Session Description

More and more, we’re asked to show the results of our work. From Ontario Trillium Foundation’s e-learning course on evaluation and Innoweave’s developmental evaluation module and support to the resources offered through Ontario Non-profit Network, “evaluation” is a common buzzword these days. Despite this emphasis, planning and carrying out evaluation of our efforts is often piecemeal or an afterthought.

But where to start? What is evaluation? How does it or how should it connect to our programs and initiatives and campaigns? In this session we’ll learn how to shift our thinking from evaluation as after-thought to evaluation as integral to the design of our initiatives. We’ll look at the connections and linkages between designing a program and evaluating it. We’ll examine the outcomes you’re aiming to achieve and impacts you’re intending to make for a campaign, initiative or program you’re running and make sure to use an evaluation lens in crafting that information.

In this interactive, hybrid capacity building-coaching session, we’ll learn and get coaching from the session leader as well as get feedback from each other to strengthen your learning about evaluation principles as well as offer helpful advice for peers. Bring an evaluation quandary to work on – both as a learner and as a colleague.

Intended Outcomes

This workshop is for you if you want to:
– Learn where to start with evaluation
– Want to increase your understanding of evaluation terminology
– Translate your learning about evaluation into practice with an effort you’re currently working on
– Get support in refining your outcomes so they more easily feed into evaluation
– Improve your understanding of the linkage between the design of your
programs/campaigns/initiatives and evaluation

Instructional Approach

Through diverse learning methods from presentations to individual exercises, get ready to roll up your sleeves and work on a current evaluation challenge. Come join us and leave with a better sense of how to ensure that evaluation is part of your thinking as you plan and design your programs and campaigns.

Handouts, worksheets and sources for further information will be provided.


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