Evaluation Learning Lab Part 2: Measures, Metrics and Indicators, oh my

When: November 21, 2019
9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Where: The Viola Desmond Room, CSI Spadina
192 Spadina Ave, Toronto
ON M5T 2C2
Pricing: $100 per person or $90 for two or more from each organization. Space is limited. Sign up now to ensure your spot. Limited to 12 participants.
9:30 to 12:30 PM. Tea and coffee provided.

Session Description

With increasing emphasis on evaluation these days, stating our outcomes clearly and creating
relevant measures and indicators for them is are essential steps in the evaluation process.
Measures, indicators or metrics are how we approximate if we’ve achieved our intended outcomes.
While creating such measures is the aspect many of us jump to first — often without sufficient
thought or preparation — doing so remains elusive to others of us.

In this advanced session, we’ll look at the relationship between our intended outcomes and how we
“measure” if we’ve “achieved” those outcomes. We’ll dissect what we think our outcomes really
mean. We’ll begin to create preliminary indicators or measurable approximations.

Intended Outcomes

This session is for you if you:
– Have clearly articulated outcomes for your program/initiative and want to take them to the next step
– Are interested in learning about evaluation jargon, such “standard,” “measure,” “operationalize,” “indicator” and how they apply to your program
– Want support in crafting measures that “get at” your outcomes

Instructional Approach

In this hybrid capacity-building/coaching session we’ll look at the connection between your outcomes and how you’ll “operationalize” those outcomes.

This session requires that you and your organization have developed and refined outcomes that you can then work with further. It requires some previous knowledge of evaluation, either through Sustainability Network’s prior Evaluation Clinics (last week, last fall (2018)) or permission from the session leader that you have equivalent background.

Come prepared to get into the nuts and bolts of a current evaluation challenge where you’ve already spent some time creating and clarifying your intended outcomes. We’ll have presentations, and we’ll practice and apply what we’re learning – both in small groups and individually. You’ll be learning from the session leader as well as from other participants. Leave with having advanced your efforts in creating measures and having progressed in getting ready to collect your data.

Handouts and worksheets will be provided.

For your best results, come with at least one other from your organization – a fellow staff member, a board member, a key stakeholder.


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