Green Economy Learning Network – Session 2

When: February 24-26, 2020
Where: Ecology Retreat Centre

The goals of the Green Economy Learning Network are:

1.  to increase the capacity of each participating green economy organization and improving their efficacy in delivering campaigns, and;

2.  to encourage collaboration and alignment across efforts and consider the development of a more effective overarching green economy narrative.


The Sustainability Network organized the first gathering in October 2019 when 22 ENGO leaders representing 15 different green economy non-profits came together for three days of learning, relationship building and reflection. Participants learned about government relations, communications and community engagement and how they relate to their efforts to build a green economy.
One of the major strengths of the Green Economy Learning Network is that its design is co-developed jointly by the expert/facilitation team and the participants themselves. The team has carefully considered written feedback obtained at the end of the first gathering and used that to design the next gathering


Session 2 will take begin on Monday, February 24 at 4pm and run until Wednesday, February 26 at 3pm again at the Ecology Retreat Centre in the lovely Hockley Valley just outside Toronto. We’ll re-convene the same expert/facilitation team and anticipate most of our inaugural participants will be back.

GELN #2 will once again focus on the three campaigning priority areas:

– Aaron Freeman (Pivot Strategic Consulting, GreenPAC) will continue his focus on government relations and provide an update on where things are at with the minority Parliament. He will consider emerging issues and opportunities on environment and climate, how to work with provincial and municipal governments as well as how to approach the conversation and how to develop policy briefs.


– James Boothroyd, a communications expert and managing Director of  EcoAnalytics will lead an interactive session where participants will learn about new Canadian research on a theory of change for advancing the green economy and look at successful narrative frames and tools for communicating with key audiences. They will also work together in smaller groups to test new skills and consider ways  to amplify shared messaging.


– Lindsay Telfer, community engagement specialist and facilitator will use case studies on engagement in green economy campaigns to unpack key components to build successful strategies that get supporters bought in and working themselves up an engagement pyramid. Using tried and tested engagement tools, participants will have a chance to critically analyze their campaigns against other initiatives while building the blocks to take it to the next level.


We are also proud to share we’ll be joined by author and professor Dr. Peter Victor (York University, Canadian Society for Ecological Economics) on the evening of February 25.


Registration includes accommodation on site (doubles, 2 nights) as well as meals. Please advise us of any dietary restrictions. Registrants will receive a session prep pack two weeks before the gathering but are welcome to contact Paul Bubelis ( with any questions.


Registration for this event is now closed.