Own Your Message: Strategies for Better Presentations with Andrew Musselman of Fluency

When: January 30, 2020 10 AM to 5 PM

Where: The Viola Desmond Room, CSI Spadina
192 Spadina Ave, Toronto
ON M5T 2C2


Pricing: $150 per person or $125 for two or more from each organization. Space is limited. Sign up now to ensure your spot.

Tea and coffee provided.

Session Description

Own Your Message is an intensive, hands-on workshop that empowers you to transform flat, unremarkable presentations into engaging, inspiring ones. Participants will learn to structure a compelling message, master an engaging speaking style and enhance their overall presence.

Starting Out

Ice breaker exercise to get people warmed up, and demonstrate the concept of energy and playfulness as a means to overcome nerves.

Achieving an Authentic Speaking Style

Examine principles of effective communication and introduce a physical delivery technique based on those principles. Participants will break into pairs to ensure everyone experiments with the delivery technique.

Structuring Influential Content

Participants identify their presentation topic. Introduce content structuring tool. Participants identify their Main Message and 3 Supporting Points, giving themselves a “roadmap” for their presentation.

Initial Delivery

Participants break into small groups (roughly 4 per group) and practice delivering their presentations using their outlines. The objective is to achieve cohesiveness and remain “on message.”

Speaking with Presence

Outline the principles of projecting confidence and instilling trust through non-verbal communication. This module will be interactive, using participants to demonstrate the principles.

Final Delivery

Participants return to their small groups to practice implementing the principles of non-verbal communication. Each participant identifies the specific technique(s) they would most like to improve upon, using peer feedback to help guide their self-reflection.


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