Workplace Efficiency Through Stronger Interpersonal Relationships

June 5, 2018
9:30 AM to 3:30 PM

Registration: $115

Organizations, including environmental ones, are made of human relations and yet, interpersonal skills are often overlooked. Interpersonal relationships affect organization culture and wellbeing. Misunderstandings and confusion threaten productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

A powerful team is one where communication is flowing and people are valued. Interpersonal skills are the heart of a healthy and strong organization. These skills are indispensable to an organization success. By cultivating these skills, leadership will grow, people will flourish, stay motivated and reach environmental goals.

This Workplace Efficiency Through Stronger Interpersonal Relationships workshop will be interactive, stimulating, fun and thought provoking. The participants will have a new appreciation for the impact language can have in their organization. They will go back to their teams with doable, practical and valuable tools in their pocket for boosting relationships, team spirit and productivity.


● Growing management and leadership capacity
● Strengthening environmental organizations
● Communicating with purpose and intention
● Fostering interpersonal relationships
● Increasing efficiency in the workplace

Participants will:

1. Explore ways to stay in dialogue in the face of disagreements
2. Create an environment where people feel engaged, stimulated and motivated
3. Provide feedback that serves connection and the common purpose
4. Learn a strategy to redirect the energy and focus on what matters
5. Discover ways to empower people through powerful listening skills
6. Extract the meaning behind words to reach a shared understanding
7. Use one’s leadership position to bring out the strengths of each individual towards common actions
8. Make clear, doable requests that support collaboration
9. Make decisions based on shared values and inclusion of all relevant voices


● Immersion and experiential one day training based on Nonviolent Communication approach, philosophy and language
● Practical communication exercises that include the art of listening and giving feedback
● Use of Needs and Feelings vocabulary lists
● Tools for empathic leadership

List of Participants